20 Element 5G Log Periodic aerial 9dBi Group

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20 Element Mini-Log Periodic Group K Aerial


Twistable F to easily change polarity
Group K Protects 5G/LTE Channels 21-48
Medium gain for good-medium signal
Solid build, strong elements & rigid 


  • For strong signal areas.
  • Can be mounted for horizontal or vertical Polarisation
  • Solid build quality, stronger elements and a rugged construction.
  • Excellent log periodic impulse noise rejection.
  • Overcomes issues with 5G & 4G, specially developed to reduce bandwidth without using filters. Molded F connector in weather resistant rubber housing.The F connector can be simply twisted into the required position (Vertical or Horizontal) with no need for any disassembly. So the connector will always be pointing downward. The weather boot sits inside the recess of the F connector, making the cable connection very weather proof.
  • Very flat frequency response over channel 21-48.
  • Universal bracket for installation suitable for horizontal or vertical polarity mounting.
  • Aerials are individually bagged in bulk cartons with full instructions included.
  • Use with our range of distribution amplifiers to watch Freeview™ or Sky™ on multiple TVs.
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