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Amplified Indoor HDTV Aerial 

120.635 ST36A 

A mains powered indoor aerial with built-in high gain amplifier, compatible with Digital Terrestrial TV and DAB/FM radio signals. The unit features three adjustable antennas, a ring housed in a plastic arm which can be adjusted 90°, and two telescopic antennas which extend up to 381mm in length and are fully adjustable. There is also a socket to connect an outdoor antenna to use the amplifier to boost the signal.

Compatible with Digital Terrestrial TV and DAB/FM radio signals within a 45-65 mile radius
Built-in variable gain amplifier (36dB max) for areas with poor signal strength
Fully adjustable telescopic antennas extend to 381mm
Integrated LTE signal filter avoids interference from 4G/5G mobile signals
On/Off and gain rotary control and LED indicators

Frequency range 47-694MHz(5G)
Impedance 75 Ohms
Reception distance Up to 65 miles
Gain : UHF 25 – 36dB
Gain : VHF 18 – 21dB
Telescopic antenna 2 x 381mm
Lead length 1.2m
Power supply 230Vac, 50Hz
Dimensions 465 x 180 x 140mm
Weight 650g

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