5G MiMo Cross polarised 698 -3800MHz Panel

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5G MiMo Cross polarised 698 -3800MHz Panel Dual 5m Lead with SMA Male Plugs

  • Backwardly compatible with 4G and 3G.
  • Frequency Bands: 698-3800MHz.
  • Fractal antenna design.
  • MIMO technology.
  • Use with an LTE router (not supplied). 

This 5G antenna enables you to receive and transmit mobile phone signal in areas where this may be difficult, such as underground buildings, basements, rural areas or weak signal areas in general.

With MIMO technology (Multiple-Input Multiple-Output) the antenna uses multiple transmitters and receivers to transfer more data at the same time.

It is to be used in conjunction with a 5G router (not provided) which will work with a sim card from your provider. The contract with your provider will determine how much 5G you will be able to use within the time frame agreed so make sure you chose a deal that is right for you.

The antenna is pointed towards a local 5G transmitter which it will receive and transmit data to. The router allows your device/s to receive the data and transmit data back.

There are extension leads and adapters available if needed however we don’t recommend extending more than 10m (5m cable already attached to aerial so a total of 15m) because this will affect the quality of the signal.

Pre-fitted 5m dual coax SMA lead

Suitable for outdoor use. Please make sure any connections are fully waterproof.

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