Blake Masthead 5G and 4G filter With built in TETRA

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Masthead 5G and 4G filter with built in TETRA Filtration


  • 90° wide opening door that clicks open/shut
  • Foam seal cable entry glands
  • Earthing tag
  • F-type connectors
  • Robust wall-mountable lugs 

Our masthead 5G and 4G filter comes equipped with a built-in TETRA filtration system, designed to effectively eliminate or minimize interference caused by 5G, 4G, and TETRA signals. This filter also features an equipotential bonding point/earthing tag for added convenience and safety.

  • Signal Frequency Range 470 – 694MHz
  • Insertion Loss 2.0dB (typ)
  • DC Power Pass 24V/300mA
  • Impedance 75 Ohm
  • Weight 150g
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