EURV-P Intelligent optical smoke detector



Eurotech Intelligent Optical Smoke Detector


The EURV-P Intelligent Optical Smoke Detector is a point detection device that continuously monitors the air in the protected area to provide the earliest warning of a fire condition. The advanced design of the smoke inlet and optical chamber guarantees a very high resistance to the entry of dust, ensuring a higher level of false alarm rejection without compromising sensing performance. This detector forms part of the Eurotech range of aesthetically pleasing low profile detection and alarm products and is fully compatible with all fire control equipment utilising the Eurotech fully digital communication protocol.
• Multiple fully approved sensitivity settings
• Auto addressing capability on compatible fire control panels
• Bi-directional isolator to protect against cable faults (optional)
• Utilises fully digital Eurotech protocol with high noise rejection
• Dual bi-colour LEDs providing 360deg cone of visibility
• Dust Restrict Chamber (DRC) technology offering advanced immunity to airborne contaminants
• Open style mounting base offers easy wiring and low pressure locking
• Programmable using the Device Programming Tool
• Self test magnet option
• 5 year product warranty
• Up to 240 devices per addressable loop
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