EURV-PI Intelligent optical smoke detector c/w isolator

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Eurotech Intelligent Optical Smoke Detector – with Isolator


The EURV-PI Intelligent Optical Smoke Detector is a point detection device that continuously monitors the air in the protected area to provide the earliest warning of a fire condition. The advanced design of the smoke inlet and optical chamber guarantees a very high resistance to the entry of dust, ensuring a higher level of false alarm rejection without compromising sensing performance. This detector forms part of the Eurotech range of aesthetically pleasing low profile detection and alarm products and is fully compatible with all fire control equipment utilising the Eurotech fully digital communication protocol.

A bi-directional isolator is fitted to help protect against wiring faults and allows auto addressing on compatible control panel.

Key Features:
• DRC dust restrict technology
• High immunity to airborne contaminants
• Fully digital Eurotech protocol
• Fully compatible with a wide range of European control panels and partners
• Unique range of décor-line finishes available
• Customised and bespoke options

Technical Specification:

  • Operating Voltage: 18 – 40 Vdc
  • Standby Current: 85 uA
  • IP Rating: IP 40
  • Base Cable Sizes: o.5 mm2 to 2.5 mm2
  • Max Humidity: 95%
  • Temperature Range: -30 C to +70 C
  • Roar A1R Class Alarm Threshold: 58 C
  • Class BS Alarm Threshold: 78 C
  • Weight: 130 g
  • Dimensions: 60 mm x 110 mm
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