GigaWave 256 Device AC Controller & Gateway



AC controller and Ethernet Gateway 


Gigawave AC controller & gateway is a middle size Enterprise Gateway based on CAPWAP protocol. It supports Load Balance, Ethernet backup, Ethernet Superimposed and multi-ISP access. It also supports DHCP, policy routing and VPN with Smart flow control, Abundant security, various user management and multiple authentication function. It provides high efficiency and professional network connectivity for hotel, enterprise, Internet bar, shopping mall.

Main Features:

1.Multiple Gigabit WAN and multiple routing functions:

  • Support PPPoE/DHCP/Static IP access, work with different ISP and max 256 end users can access into it.
  • Support multiple Gigabit WAN ports, support load balance, Ethernet Superimposed and multiple ISP network access to avoid bandwidth overload, then support Ethernet backup to recover the dropped networking line, ensure the whole networking smoothly;
  • Support policy-based routing function also, administrator will set the network based on IP/MAC/Domain/Interface policies.

2.Smart QoS

  • Support smart QoS based on ports, individual users, user groups and user applications. Allow bandwidth reservation and dispatch by tunnel or by application.
  • It provides a variety of functions including multiple queuing mechanisms (priority queuing, low latency queuing, custom queuing, weighted queuing), congestion avoidance, traffic policing, traffic shaping and priority marking, ensuring different service for different users and applications.

3.Abundant security mechanism

  • Support a variety of security mechanism, like TCP/UDP/ICMP Flooding, IP/MAC/URL/Web filtering functions, Ping of Death and other related threats, extend protection to every port of the router and enable the ports to provide DoS/DDoS attack protection, traffic monitoring, Uniform Resource Locator (URL) filtering, and application layer filtering.
  • Support user management and password protection. Users of different levels are assigned with different configuration authorities.

4.Multiple authentication

  • Support portal authentication, PPPoE authentication and Radius authentication
  • Support Wechat authentication, one-time password authentication, display or promote advertisement to user and bring extra value for merchant; Then support SMS authentication when access into cloud server and work with SMS gateway.
  • It can work with the 3rd party radius server for advertisement and billing functions.
  • It works as PPPoE server, can create PPPoE account, password, bandwidth and valid time, to realize PPPoE billing function.

5.Remote Maintenance, Auto firmware upgrade

  • Administrator can access into the management interface page remotely at home, to manage and maintain the wireless access point and keep the whole network stable.
  • It can automatically to upgrade the new released firmware, zero steps to recovery the system problem.


  • Support VPN dial up, DNS Proxy, IP address translation, user behavior management.

7.AC management for wireless AP

  • Assign IP address for Wireless AP: Build in DHCP Server, it can assign the IP address for wireless AP automatically when AP is online.
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