HD CCTV Converter/adapter TVI/CVI/AHD to HDMI

BNC Input: CVI / TVI / AHD
HDMI Output: 720p @ 50/60Hz, 1080p @ 50/60Hz
BNC Input Auto-recognition
TVI: Supports 720p (1MP), 1080p (2MP), 4MP
AHD: Supports 720p (1MP), 1080p (2MP), 4MP
CVI: Supports Supports 720p (1MP), 1080p (2MP), 4MP
Colour: Black
Transmission Distance: Up to 200m (Higher Resolutions Reduce Transmission Distance)

What’s Included

Includes BNC Loop Out
BNC to HDMI Adapter Unit
User Instructions
5Vdc USB to Micro USB Cable (Can Power From Phone Charger)

Note: Does NOT Work in Reverse (ie.. HDMI to BNC)
Does Not Include Power Supply


Used to convert a TVI, CVI or AHD CCTV signal from a BNC connection to a HDMI signal. The only real way of converting BNC to HDMI is with a powered BNC to HDMI converter kit like thisCould be used to convert the output from a TVI, CVI or AHD CCTV camera directly into a HDMI signal to run straight to a TV, monitor or modulator

  • Converts model TVI (Hikvision), CVI (Dahua) and AHD signals directly to HDMI
  • It gives good picture and sound quality
  • It is easy to install, just plug and play
  • Solves a real problem and saves money by dealing with the issue rather than buying new audio/video equipment
  • Works up to 4 megapixel resolutions
  • You might need to buy a 5Vdc charger / power supply & Micro USB cable separately if you do not have them already
  • You might also need to buy a BNC to BNC cable if you don’t have one available
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