HiBoost Phone & Data Signal Booster LTE800+EGSM+3G800+900+2100 MHz

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Phone & Data Signal Booster LTE800+EGSM+3G800+900+2100 MHz


Network: EGSM/GSM900 + LTE800 + 3G2100
Coverage: up to 500-1000 sq m

  • Inbuilt indoor antenna
  • Setup and monitoring via a mobile app
  • Real time LCD display
  • Smart AGC & MGC functions
  • Conforms  to RoHS & CE RED standards
HiBoost Hi13-3SL is a new-generation smart solution for mobile signal
reception improvement. The equipment supports 3 frequency bands at a
time and guarantees both smooth voice and speedy 3G & 4G services at
a time. With a coverage of 500-1000 sq.m., the system is perfect to
boost signal in a separate room, small apartment, studio, office,
garage, basement, etc.  
Thanks to Smart Link Function you can manage and set up your booster
remotely with a mobile app. Along with intelligent LCD display and smart
software the amplifier can boast of a built-in indoor antenna.
Purchase this triband booster now and provide strong connection throughout your home, office, etc!
*Mind that
you should have at least 2-3 signal bars outside your house to provide
overall strong signal enhancement. The device’s coverage also depends on
building design features.
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