HSS Cobalt Twist Drill in Blister 8.0mm x 117mm



High Speed Steel Jobber Drill – 
Olympic HSS Cobalt in Blister Packs 8mm x 117mm

  • Very high performance HSS drill with 5% cobalt added for higher heat resistance
  • Fully ground flutes with 135° split point to help centre the drill
  • Conforms to BS 328 & DIN 338
  • Steam temper straw finish
  • Engineering grade drill bits designed for use in pillar drilling machines but can also be used in hand machines with care
  • Supplied individually in hanging blister packs

Highly suitable for drilling hard and tough materials such as alloyed
steel, cast iron, titanium and stainless steel. Also gives good results
in materials such as wood, chipboard, hardboard, plastics &

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