labgear 250mtr Single RG6 Black



Labgear high quality Low Loss RG6 Digital Satellite cable – 250mtr


A quality, well constructed product which is easily stripped and worked with.

  • 1.0mm² copper conductor size, Nominal Overall Diameter 6.4mm
  • 1.0mm Copper Coated Steel (CCS), 4.7mm Gas Injected Foam Dielectric, Aluminum Foil Shield with 100% coverage and 68×0.12mm Copper Coated Steel (CCS) Braiding
  • Sheathed with Black PVC

Technical Information

  • Impedance 75
  • Nominal Attenuation 1000MHz – 20.82dB

Labgear RG6 Black Digital Satellite Cable, Manufactured by Philex, can be used to link a Satellite Dish to the Receiver or Control Unit. It may also be used for TV reception and for most fixed systems.

SKU: 3818