Labgear Multiplatform Meter/Analyser SKY Q



S701 – Multiplatform Meter/Analyser


The NEW Labgear S701 Meter, our most comprehensive, capable and rugged multiplatform meter to date. Packed with many features, functions and accessories.

Metering for: Satellite DVB-S2

LNB types supported include:

Unicable I + II (SCR/dCSS)
Ku Universal
Terrestrial DVB-T2
Cable DVB-C 


MPPEG-2/H.264/H.265 (10 Bit) decoding Spectrum and constellation analyzer ‘Snapshot; feature to record results.

HDMI input and output
A/V input and output
Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity
Wavelength selectable optical power measurement
High-capacity Li-ion battery
Software upgrade via USB port 


1x Multiplatform Meter & Analyser
1x Silicon Case
1x Protective Shoulder Bag
1x Mains Charger/PSU
1x Car Charger
2x F Connector Adaptors
1x Charger Extension Cable
1x Jack to 3 Phono Lead
1x BNC Adaptor
1x Coax Adaptor
2x Optical Adaptors
1x User Guide 

SKU: 3821