OPTIMUS E1K 4G Intercom with keypad



Optimus E1K 4G Intercom 

The optimus 4G ltE range of Intercom units is an Entry system suitable for any door, gate or barrier requiring communication and control over access. It can be used in any environment, internally or externally, including Domestic, Commercial and public sectors.

These Intercom units can be used across any number of entry or exit points, from single dwellings through to a high-density block of flats or offices.

  • 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Call Forwarding ~ Up to 3 Numbers
  • Up to 100 PIN Codes
  • Up to 100 Authorised Incoming Phone Numbers
  • Internal Time Clock with 3 Profiles
  • Automatic BST / GMT
  • Optional Timed Trade Facility
  • x 2 Auxiliary Inputs
  • x 3 Relay Outputs
  • Easy Smartphone Programming
  • ‘COMMTEL CONFIG’ App – Allows
    installers to remotely programme all features of the Optimus range.
  • ‘COMMTEL CONTROL’ App – Allowing
    users to:

    – Open multiple entrances

    – Hold open entrances

    – Close entrances

How it works

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