Rackstuds Purple 100 Pack Series II 3.2mm

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Rackstuds Series II 100-pack, Purple, 3.2mm


Say goodbye to cage nuts and hello to the faster, easier way to mount your equipment in 19″ racks. The revolutionary new Series II Rackstuds are a universal replacement for the common cage nut. If you use cage nuts to mount IT, Pro A/V, Security or Telecommunications equipment in 19″ racks, you’re going to love Rackstuds. Suitable for most* 19″ racks with square punched vertical rails, Rackstuds go in from the front and provide you with a place to hang your equipment while spinning on the lock nut. This makes mounting even heavy equipment much easier; even if you’re on your own. They are easier, faster and safer than cage nuts and very strong. *If your rail thickness is ≤ 2.2mm/0.086″, we recommend using the red version instead

  • A universal replacement for cage nuts*
  • Inserts from the front so no more fiddling behind the rack
  • Rackstuds provide a place to support your gear, making single-handed installs possible
  • Rackstuds are much simpler, faster, safer and very strong
  • Suitable for rails is between 2.7mm/0.106 and 3.2mm/0.125″. If ≤ 2.2mm/0.086″, use the new red version instead
  • Rackstuds Series II have been re-tooled from the ground up.
    • Featuring re-designed nut with screwdriver slot.
    • Longer threads for easier hanging.
    • Now fit thicker rails.
    • Now even easier to insert.
    • Size Name: 100 Pack
    • Color Name: Purple
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