Sanus In-Wall Media Box 9″ SA-IWB9-W1



9″ TV Media In-Wall Box


– Perfect for Wall Mounted TVs
– In-Wall
– Routes Power & Low Voltage Cables

The 9-in TV media in-wall box is ideal for concealing and organizing media devices and power in wall to create a sleek, finished look. The perfect solution directly behind any wall mounted TV to store streaming devices like Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, network switches and more. Constructed of Wi-Fi transparent material to manage wireless components with cable knockouts to help organize cables. Includes cover, trim ring and drywall clips, and cutting template for easy installation.

Product Features

  1. Stores streaming devices, modules, network switches and more.
  2. Place in wall behind any wall mounted TV for a sleek, clean entertainment space.
  3. Power knockouts allow you to install power for TV and mounted devices.
  4. Includes box, trim ring, cover, hook and loop strap, extra mounting plate, complete instructions and cutting template.
  5. Mounting plate with 1.5″ of elevation adds second layer of storage and accommodates larger devices.
  6. Cable knockouts help organize and manage cables.
SKU: 2240