Suprema Airfob Patch



Mobile-To-RF-card converter


Suprema Airfob Patch is a device that attaches itself easily to existing RF card readers to make them compatible with credentials stored in mobile device. It
translates BLE signals into RF signals and enables communication between
mobile device and RF card readers. 


  • Airfob Patch converts Mobile Access Card’s Bluetooth signal to RF card signal.
  • Airfob Patch works without battery, harvesting energy from RF field signals transmitted from the card reader.
  • A retrofit patch-on device, Airfob Patch is quick and easy to install.
  • Energy Supply: Energy harvesting from card reader
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 32 mm x 33.5 mm x 5.7 mm (1.26“ x 1.32“ x 0.22“)
  • Weight approx:. 13 g
  • Wireless Communication Compatibility: BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) 4.0
  • Card Compatibility: 13.56MHz MIFARE CSN / NFC Smart card*
  • LED: Power status & card emulation
  • IP Rating: IP 65
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