Suprema BioStar 2 Professional Edition S/W License (1000+)

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Web-based, open, and integrated security platform (Access Control)


BioStar 2 is a web-based, open, and integrated security platform that provides comprehensive functionality for access control, time
& attendance management, visitor management, and video log
maintenance. It encrypts all personal data available and supports both
SDKs and web APIs to integrate BioStar 2 with third-party software. In
addition, users can control BioStar 2 platform remotely with the mobile
app for BioStar 2 and manage a mobile access card that you can use to
access sites. 


Access Control License

No. of Doors: 1000
Maximum No. of Connected Devices: 1,000
Maximum No. of Access Levels 1): 2,048
Maximum No. of Access Groups1): 2,048
Maximum No. of Access Groups per User: 16
Maximum No of Access Levels per Access Group: 128
Access Group Auto Sync: Yes
Maximum No. of Cards per User: 8
Maximum No. of Fingerprints per User: 10
User Auto Sync: Yes
Access-on-Card: Yes
Security Credential Cards: Yes
iCLASS Seos Card: Yes
Long-term Idle Users Management: Yes
Custom Field: Yes
Elevators: Yes
Maximum No. of Floors per Elevator: 192
Maximum No. of Floor Levels: 2048
Anti-Passback: Yes
Fire Alarm: Yes
Schedule Lock/Unlock: Yes
Intrusion Alarm Zone: Yes
Interlock Zone: Yes
Muster Zone: Yes
Dashboard: Yes
Cloud: Yes
New Local API: Yes
Server Matching: Yes
Audit Trail: Yes
Daylight Saving Time: Yes
Dual Authentication: Yes
Active Directory: Yes
Graphic Map: Yes

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