Suprema Mobile access credits for Regular (1 Card) Dynamic (1 Device-Month) cards



Suprema Mobile Access JUST TAP & GO


Suprema Mobile Access allows you to use your own smartphone as a key to access doors, facilities, and more. By using your smartphone as a credential, managing and using an access card becomes easier, faster, and safer.

Let’s take a step forward to a new generation.

  • Convenience: Access sites with your smartphone like using physical cards.
  • Cost reduction: Save cost of issuing cards and maintenance in comparison to physical cards.
  • Secure management: Revoke Mobile Access and restrict access permission when a smartphone is lost.
  • Network Bluetooth 4.2 or later, NFC
  • Security ISO 27001 certified
  • Encryption AES-256, Host card emulation (HCE)
  • Distance/range ~10 cm (It may differ depending on smartphones)
  • Supported smartphones iOS 7.0 or later, Android 9.0 or later
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