Suprema Output Control Module (12 outputs)

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Multiple output extension module


Output Module is a multiple output extension module which can control up to 12 output relays. It can also be used as an
elevator controller with BioStar 2 system. A total of 31 units can be
connected to a master device via RS485 daisy chain. The output module
also has an anti-passback feature and a fire alarm feature. 


  • 12 output relays per unit
  • Controls up to 192 floors per elevator
  • Preset alarms in APB zones
  • Elevator groups can be added to a certain fire alarm zone
  • Terminating resistance for RS-485 connections
Elevator Control up to 192 Floors
Output Module can be configured to control doors with BioStar 2 system. Up to 192 floors can be controlled per elevator and BioStar 2 system can control max. 1,000 elevators.
Versatile Interfaces
Along with elevator control, Output Module produces various output signals including preset relay signals for entrances and different zones. For fire alarm zone, input/output can easily be configured using aux and relay ports.
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