Televes 4G Nova Entenna



4GNOVA antenna

4G extended coverage Ref. 650101

LTE/4G transmission and reception antenna for extended coverage in shielded areas or in areas where propagation conditions are difficult. The 4GNova antenna can be connected either to an LTE/4G router or to an indoor antenna. In the latter case, the 4G-enabled devices will have coverage without the need for high-power transmission, thus saving battery and protecting the user from excessive radiation.

The coaxial 50 Ohm cable is fixed to the antenna chassis. Two available lengths and two available connector types.

Passive antenna for 4G extended coverage, enhancing the operator’s network connection quality
Mobile 4G devices are more efficient in terms of power and consumption
Optimized response on both the Uplink and the Downlink
A telephone antenna on a printed circuit board: avoids feature alterations and ensures mechanical quality
Passive antenna, no power consumption

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