Televes H30 ASHA DVB-S/S2 + DVB-T/T2 Meter

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H30FLEX sprectrum analyzer

Model 593397

H30FLEX is meter designed to meet the requirements of TV installers for both satellite and terrestrial signals.

H30FLEX is a light-weight handheld meter packed with all of the features required to install and maintain TV systems using different modulation standards, like satellite (DVB-S/S2) or terrestrial/cable (analogue channels, DVB-T/T2 or DVB-C).

Available for the first time in an economic product, digital processing brings installers the opportunity to take measurements with a high level of accuracy, essential to give the installer the peace of mind of a job well done. It allows you to customize upgrade choice with download software.

Main features:

• User friendly, handheld DVB meter.
• Complete portfolio of Analog/Digital measurements with easy-to-read pass/fail indicators.
• Quick and easy to use interface with features such as Channel measurements, System Scans,Constellation Diagram, Spectrum Analyzer, Echoes, Datalogger, and more.
• Rugged, light weight, fully automatic, fast, and accurate.
• Easy updates.
• PASS/FAIL Indicators: Icons indicate if a measurement is good or bad for quick and easy status checks. Reduce installer entry errors and improve decision making.
• LNB powering, and SCR and DiSEqC parameters setup
• MPEG image visualization
• Screen mirroring and remote control from device app
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