Televes portable and multi-standard spectrum analyzer H30CRYSTAL

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H30Crystal sprectrum analyzer

DVB-S/S2 + DVB-T/T2 + F.O. 

H30Crystal is a complete and versatile tool for present and future professional installers. It combines, in a single meter, the ability to analyze fibre optic networks, FTTx, Wifi networks, IPTV, and RF channels such as DVB-S/S2, DVB-T/T2, DVB-C (QAM Anex A/B), analogue and return channel. The equipment is scalable, which means that it is possible to incorporate new options and measurement standards through software licenses which are easily downloaded. Furthermore, the meter will always be up to date, since it incorporates automatic detection of software updates whenever the unit is connected to the internet.

In regards to simplicity and ease of using the meter, H30Crystal offers a revolutionary multiscreen function, that allows the user to remotely view and control the meter, from their own mobile device. Moreover, the H30Suite application allows you to manage it both in the field or the comfort of the office, export measurements, consult and edit channel plans and manage user profiles.


Accurate power and optical attenuation
Multistandard: DVB-S/S2, DVB-T/T2, DVB-C,
analogue channels and return path
Multiscreen system with touch control: display
the meter screen on a mobil device, and control the meter by touch gestures and
WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity
Wideband LNB supported
Guided satellite pointing
Real-time digital processing
Light-weight handheld meter
User friendly interface
Option to expand through Wi-Fi analyser, IPTV
and HEVC display both on the meter and on the mobile device
All measurements are carried out by pressing a
single button equipped with Pass/Fail indicators to reduce installation errors 

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