TRIAX Cast Server 383350

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TRIAX Cast Server 383350

TRIAX Cast Server is designed for Hospitality and forms part of the Triax Cast Solution, offering guests a true home-from-home experience by letting them bring their own favourite programmes and watch them on the in-room TV.

Triax Cast – Easy to install, privacy focused:
Install and configure TRIAX Cast in a flash, using Google Chromecast securely attached to each TV with the TRIAX CastLock, protecting it from theft and tampering. Via the unique information displayed on the in-room TV, a private and secure connection is established to the guest’s device via the TRIAX Cast server. Guest privacy is assured, with every session unique to the guest, their room, and their device, and terminated at checkout.

Benefits for hotel:
• Improve guest loyalty with up-to-date technology
• Dependable solution based on Google Chromecast
• Cost-effective in-room entertainment offer
• Compatible with any TV
• Easy system management and monitoring
• Avoid theft and tampering with TRIAX CastLock

Benefits for guests:
• Guests can watch their own favourite content
• Easy and intuitive to use
• Private, secure connection in each room
• Supports all iOS and Android casting-enabled apps 

Triax Cast Solution Components:
• Triax Cast Server (1525)
• Triax Cast Server 19″ Brackets (1526)
• Google Chromecast (1527)
• Triax Cast Lock (1528)
• Chromecast License + 1yr Remote Support (1529)

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