Triax EoC Controller 32 EP B, MC

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EoC controller (32 B Mediaconverter)


The EoC controller is used as the main unit to control up to 32 endpoints in an EoC system. The controller acts as both an L2 switch for ethernet and as a media converter from ethernet to coax and back to ethernet, allowing both TV and data signals to use the same coax cable. Provided that and TV signals are controlled within the frequency ranges mentioned below.

Main features:

  • for data on 1…200 MHz
  • TV on 300…862 MHz
  • 4x ethernet port
  • Combining up to 32 EP’s on same COAX
  • 2x coax EoC out ports, supports port bundling
  • 1x coax TV in port
  • Supports VLAN tagging
  • Status LED’s + reset button on front 
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