Triax TDS65A 65cm Loose Dark Dish


Triax TDS65A-65cm Loose Dark

Manufactured and tested to the highest standards of precision and quality, TRIAX’s easy-to-install dishes offer outstanding performance, durability and reliability.
TDS: Steel 

Unrivaled build quality, whether Steel or Aluminium

  • Hot-dip galvanized steel OR long lasting Aluminium – for extra corrosion protection
  • TRIAX’s unique cable protection system
  • Every part, every accessory is weatherproofed
  • 2 years corrosion warranty
  • 5 years functionality warranty

Outstanding performance

  • High gain for an exceptional signal

Quick and easy installation

  • One-click mounting system
  • Self-locking screw & nuts

Logistic friendly

  • Single or Bulk packaging, according to customer needs

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