TruAudio D16 16 Ch 8 Zone Class D Amplifier

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16 Channel, 8 zone class D amplifier. 150 w/ch all channels driven. Features 8 subwoofer outputs with adjustable crossovers. 


The D16 Amplifier is a revolutionary amplifier breaking the mold of the other standard amplifiers. This is an eight-zone amplifier that comes equipped with 16 channels of high-performance class D power. All sixteen channels boast an all channels driven rating of 75 watts at 8Ω and 150 watts at 4Ω. When you bridge a zone together, you get an impressive 150 watts of power at 8Ω without robbing any power from any of the other zones. The D16 is also equipped with Anti-Clipping Protection and Fault Safety circuitry. Each of the eight-zones features an RCA subwoofer output with a built-in adjustable crossover. Easily use the D16 to retrofit any job to add a subwoofer into a multi-room system.

16 Channel, 8 Zones

8 Subwoofer Outputs with Adjustable Crossovers per Zone
8 subwoofer RCA outputs that are paired with an adjustable crossover per zone, giving you more flexibility with your music. Using a crossover for each channel will help improve the overall sound quality of your music.

Anti-Clipping Protection Circuitry & Fault Safety Circuitry
TruAudio designed the D16 to incorporate an Anti-Clipping Protection Circuitry to reduce the aggravation of power loss and reliability, reducing the intensity and excessive heat of clipping by 25 to 40%. The pulse density adjustment technique adjusts the power delivery based upon the results of the anti-clipping detection circuit.

75 Watts Max Output All Channels Driven
Up to 75 watts per channel with 16 channels gives you a wide range of power and room to power speakers ranging from 100 to 150 watts (per channel) seamlessly.

Ground Lift
The D16 includes a ground lift that helps reduce or eliminates the ground-related noises that arise from ground loops in your audio system.

Speaker Level Subwoofer Capability
The D16 allows you to power a passive subwoofer over a speaker wire, eliminating the need for a separate subwoofer amplifier.

Bus 1 & 2 Inputs and Outputs
These inputs enable you to play a source into multiple zones at a time and the outputs allow you to loop in additional amplifiers (if needed).

Signal Sense
If an audio signal is sent to the D16 when in standby mode, the amplifier will turn on.

Class D Amplifier
The D16 is rated as a high-powered Class D amplifier that delivers efficiency.

2U Form Factor
Compact 2U chassis

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