Unitron dSCR-54 Four Way x 16 User Bands SCR Multiswitch



SCR Multiswitch 


The unitron products are designed to support a wide range of new and existing multiswitch installations.

Each dscr-54 unit has:

  • 4 cascade-able LNB inputs from universal Quattro LNBF: VL HL VH HH
  • 1 terrestrial trunk.
  • 16 SCR/Legacy outputs
  • 1 DC input.

Each output can support a wide variety of satellite receivers:

  • In legacy mode, the dscr-54 outputs can be used as a standard multiswitch.
  • In SCR mode, the dscr-54 output supports up to 16UBs with all versions of the single cable technology. This includes OLT, SCR, CSS, EN50494, EN50607, and newer versions.
  • As all outputs are independent, the installation can be a mix of legacy and SCR connections.
  • The terrestrial part allows to support any service that operates below 1 GHz, which includes terrestrial reception, cable and DOCSIS reception.
  • The trunks enable to cascade multiple products to support big installations of more than 100 households in MDU applications, like apartments, or more than 100 rooms in hospitality environments, like hotels.
  • The DC power can be inserted at any product. In cascaded systems, multiple power supplies might be needed, see “Diagnostic LED’s” for more information.
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