YUCEL Battery 12v 2.1Amp Y2.1-12




Yucel Y2.1-12 Lead Acid Battery – 12V, 2.1Ah 

The YUCEL series is specially designed for general purpose
applications requiring a high rate discharge. This high-quality,
rechargeable sealed lead acid battery ensures that no electrolyte
leakages occur from the case or terminals. 

• Lead Acid (SLA)
• Sealed battery
• Rechargeable
• Absorbed Glass Matt (AGM) technology with no free acid
• Superb recovery from deep discharge
• Gas recombination technology
• Useable in any orientation (except continuously inverted)
• Flame retardant options
• Voltage: 6 V, 8V or 12 V
• Terminal type: Plug, Faston, M5 & M8 female
• Eurobat Classification: 3 to 5 Years

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