IMOU Battery Video Doorbell Kit DB60 Kit



DB60 Kit 

IMOU Outdoor Battery Doorbell, 2K, Built in Spotlight, AI Human Detection, 2 Way Audio

Record every visit and guard all moments

DB60 delivers 5MP live monitoring
experience with a 5M sensor. The 6200mAh battery ensures the doorbell
last up to 6 months. DB60 is able to capture more details with the
164°fish eye lens. It supports night vision mode for clear-as day
clarity even in pitch dark. With IP65 certified, the doorbell can be used
outdoors under different weather conditions. Furthermore, it is
equipped with a smart night light, which can be used to notify motion
detections and scare away unwelcome visitors. Bell is an indoor wireless
I ring that replaces mechanical or electronic bells. Connect to your
home Wi-Fi and connect The doorbell at home. When the guest presses the
call button on the doorbell, the bell will ring to remind you. At the
same time, it can be used as IMOU DB60 doorbell repeater 

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