Triax Optical Combined Transmitter 307791



TOCT Optical Combined Transmitter 

Part number 307791 

Integrated services on a single fibre

SAT-IF distribution over fibre optics (FO) can supply many households over larger distances, with feed from a central satellite dish station.

Almost lossless transmission of satellite, DVB-T and DAB signals. Attenuation per 1000 m only about 0.3 dB.

Future-proof and widest possible variety of channels.

Space-saving installation – a 3 mm optical fibre replaces five 7 mm coaxial cables.

TOCT – TRIAX Optical Combined Transmitter
is the core component on headend side of the TOF (Triax Optical Fibre) system. This unit converts RF Wideband or Quatro SAT-IF and terrestrial FM, DAB, DVB-T or CATV services for transmission over a PON (Passive Optical Network).

The transmitter is an installer friendly plug-and-play solution thanks to built-in Automatic Gain Control (AGC) and Automatic Slope Control (ASC) of the RF inputs.

The TOCT consists of three separate optical transmitters 1310nm / 1330nm for wideband SAT-IF LOW and HIGH and 1550nm for the terrestrial RF path. They are are combined to WDM signal at the output for transmission over single mode fibre cabling.

The optical output signal of this headend unit can drive up to 64 optical splits directly.

Up to 128 splits can be deployed when using the TWOC or TWCT wideband converters.

Terrestrial antennas have to be connected via an LTE filtered, selective pre-amplifier like the TMB 2500UK. The insertion of the Terrestrial Channel Processor TMB 2500UK (360238) before the RF inputs of the TOCT is to ensure that the SAT and TER channels are equalized to uniform RF levels.

Please order mains PSU adapter separately, preferred 18V/2A (318166). 

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